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Tammy Sarah Linde


Production Gallery


Beth Keehn

Stage Whispers

With a completely sold-out season, the Queensland amateur premiere of Ladies in Black is in very safe hands. Confidently directed by Tammy Sarah Linde, with Music Direction by Matthew Semple, this is an energetic and enthusiastic production...

Benjamin Tubb-Hearne

Theatre Haus

The set was simple, yet effective – part of Linde’s conscious directorial style, allowing the actors to shine, rather than being hidden by overbearing set pieces, she allowed the story to be at the forefront.

Meredith Walker

Blue Curtains Brisbane

With many, many musical numbers the task of staging this production is certainly an ambitious one and under Tammy Sarah Linde’s direction, it is an ambition well-realised, with good reinterpretation of the just as many scenes to account for space limitations.

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